Xiaomi wants to put wireless earbuds inside its smartphones

Xiaomi wants to put wireless earbuds inside its smartphones

One of the biggest problems with wireless earbuds is that you need to carry the tiny case along with you every time to store and charge them. Also, there’s always the possibility of misplacing the earbuds along with the case. So, Xiaomi is now thinking of a way to eliminate the case altogether and enable earbuds to be inserted right inside the phone.

It may sound weird but it will get the job done of securely carrying the earbuds and also charge them simultaneously. As per a report by
LetsGoDigital, Xiaomi has filed two patents to enable future smartphones to come with earbuds slots.

It is amusing to think that companies eliminated the 3.5 mm headphone jack from phones to save space for bigger batteries and thinner designs. And now they dont mind thinking of ways to put two earbuds together inside a phone.

As per the report, the earbuds can also serve as speakers when placed inside their respective slots on the top portion of the phone. “Unique to these earplugs is the possibility to turn the head. When the earplugs are stored in the compartment, the speaker points upwards. You can then leave the earplugs slightly out of the housing, so that they can also serve as a telephone speaker,” as per
LetsGoDigital, which shared several images and GIFs about what exactly is going inside Xiaomi’s mind.

There is no official word from Xiaomi on this yet and of course, we still don’t know whether Xiaomi will actually launch a phone with earbuds slot in it. This requires a lot of structural change which will invite more costs. And not to forget that a lot of space is required to fit two buds inside. Bringing back the earphone jack is an easier thing to do compared to this.