WhatsApp users can now check bank balance using Payments feature, here’s how

WhatsApp users can now check bank balance using Payments feature, here’s how

Launched in November 2020 in India, WhatsApp payments service was rolled out for more users in 2021. Now, WhatsApp payments service is available for all users in India. The service can be accessed by the Payment option when clicking on More (3 dots) in top right corner of the app.

WhatsApp does not capture of store the UPI PIN of a user for the payments service, in compliance with NPCI-issued UPI guidelines. People using the service can not just send and receive payments but can also check their bank account balance using WhatsApp.

There are a couple of ways to check bank balance on WhatsApp. But before that, one needs to know how to activate and use the payments service.

Go to Payments via the More option (3 dots) and verify details of active account with an Indian bank that supports UPI. The primary mobile number used to link to the account should also be the WhatsApp mobile number used for registration.

Once a bank account is linked to WhatsApp Payments, users can now use the service and its features.

How to check bank account balance on WhatsApp

There are two methods to check out bank balance using WhatsApp Payments feature.

First method:

  • Go to Payments on WhatsApp mobile app and search for the particular bank account from the list of linked accounts.
  • After selecting bank account, click the option to View Account Balance.
  • Enter your UPI PIN to authenticate the usage of the bank account service.
  • Once you submit the UPI PIN, check your bank account balance visible on the screen.

Second method:

With this way, users sending money to another account can check their balance while doing so. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Payments notification on your WhatsApp mobile app.
  • Select your preferred method of payment.
  • Select the View Account Balance option.
  • Select the relevant account from your list of linked bank accounts.
  • Verifying by entering UPI PIN.
  • Check account balance displayed on mobile.