WhatsApp features: 5 chat app tricks that you may not know

WhatsApp features: 5 chat app tricks that you may not know

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging platform, boasts of a long list of features that makes it the world number one messaging app. The Facebook-owned messaging app has been adding new features over the years and there are some ingenious tricks that many of us aren’t aware of. The features can be helpful for people who use the app frequently. Here, are the five tricks every WhatsApp user should be aware of.

WhatsApp’s built-in GIF tool: WhatsApp comes with a built-in GIF tool that lets you send videos recorded by WhatsApp’s in-app camera to others. To use this feature, the user can just record a video and select the GIF icon on the top right corner. The user can also set the duration of the clip for your GIF.

Listen to WhatsApp voice messages privately: Checking voice messages in a public place can be slightly tricky. Not with WhatsApp! To listen to the voice note privately, just hit the Play button on the message and immediately hold your phone up to your ear. WhatsApp is intelligent enough to detect that your phone is up against your head, and it will automatically switch and play the message through the phone’s earpiece instead of the speaker.

Save mobile data: Data is precious these days and WhatsApp knows that. The messaging app offers nifty ways to help you save your data. First, you can simply disable the media auto-download by tapping on settings — open data and storage usage. Here, you can pick the options such as media auto-download when using mobile data or when connected on Wi-Fi.

Share WhatsApp Status as a Facebook story: WhatsApp now lets you share your WhatsApp status as a Facebook story. Tap Status on WhatsApp and create a ‘Status update’. My status, tap Share to Facebook Story. If prompted, tap Allow or Open to open the Facebook app. In the Facebook app, select the audience you want to share with, then tap Share Now.

Format WhatsApp messages: WhatsApp lets you format the text and get a bit creative with messages by making it bold, putting a strikethrough or italicising it. To put a strikethrough on your text insert the tilde symbol at the start and end of your text. To make your text bold, put an asterisk at the start and end of the text, and to italicise insert the underscore.

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