WhatsApp admin? You may go to jail by doing THESE 5 things

WhatsApp admin? You may go to jail by doing THESE 5 things

New Delhi: If you use WhatsApp, you’re probably familiar with WhatsApp groups, as well as WhatsApp group moderators who create groups and invite individuals to join them.

The admins of WhatsApp groups have certain additional privileges and obligations. If any illegal work is done on a group in this situation, it is the group admin’s responsibility to stop and control the situation.

If you’re the administrator of a WhatsApp group, you should be aware of the types of content shared in the group. Also, what kind of stuff should be discussed in the group; otherwise, you might end up in jail. Remember the following five points:

Anti-national content on WhatsApp group

Anti-national content should not be shared in the WhatsApp group. The group admin and the content sharer may both be arrested if this is done. In such a circumstance, there may also be jail time. For example, a WhatsApp group admin from Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat area was detained for allegedly spreading “anti-national” remarks on the social media site.

Personal images and videos on WhatsApp group

Without a person’s consent, you should not share his or her personal images and videos on WhatsApp. This falls under the category of criminal activity. You will be prosecuted if you do so.

Provocation to violence on WhatsApp group

Police can detain anyone for creating films and images on WhatsApp that insult any faith and incite violence. You might even have to go to jail.

Pornography on WhatsApp group

Sharing obscene content in WhatsApp groups is against the law. Sharing messages on WhatsApp that include child pornography or promote prostitution is illegal. In such circumstances, there is a provision for a prison sentence.

Circulating fake news on WhatsApp group

Fake News and Fake Content are strictly prohibited by the government. Recently, a new law was enacted that allows people to file complaints against those who spread bogus news and create phoney accounts. WhatsApp will delete such an account. In addition, a monthly grievance redressal report is required.