SBI Warning To All Users: Uninstall These Apps Else You Will Lose All Your Money From Bank Accounts!

SBI Warning To All Users: Uninstall These Apps Else You Will Lose All Your Money From Bank Accounts!

The world is steadily shifting towards the complete digitization of services. Every service, be it food delivery, home repairs, hotel booking or banking service is available at a tap of a finger. As user adaptation is on the rise, cybercrimes are also in full swing. Amid such concerns, various banks keep on taking measures to educate their users to stay clear of any bad experiences.

#ThinkBeforeYouClick, says SBI

“Free Gifts from National Bank of India?”

“Are you receiving these links in your inbox? Steer Clear! Clicking on these phishing links could lead to the loss of your personal and confidential information. Stay alert. Think before you click!,” read the SBI tweet. So by this, SBI is trying to warn its users, about possible malicious links. Clicking on these links can cause you to lose out on important financial data, which can cost you dearly.

The bank also warned about downloading any kind of application on a mobile phone or computer system, which can cause a phishing attack. Before downloading users should check the authenticity of the apps. They should also check out user reviews and comments.

Changing Nature of Cyber Crimes

The bank also acknowledged that KYC fraud is real and has spread across the country through a tweet. To avert this fraud, the company has asked customers not to click on any link which asks them to update their KYC.

While doing so, the fraudsters will pose and bank employees and will send the link through a message. Then ask people to click on the link and update their details.

If by any chance, one comes across such kind of experience, they can launch a complaint at The bank has confirmed that SBI will never ask you to update your KYC. The bank has also asked not to share mobile numbers and other confidential data with anyone, to protect against any cybercrime.

As they say, prevention is better than cure.