Rechargeable Emergency LED Bulbs For Your Inverter

Rechargeable Emergency LED Bulbs For Your Inverter

Rechargeable emergency LED bulbs are a perfect antidote for frequent power cuts. Depending on their quality and features, they go on lightening up a room for hours, as soon as the electricity supply is cut. All you need is an initial charge and these little warriors are ready to battle off the darkness. Here are some handpicked ones, that’ll keep your home illuminated for a good span of time.

1. Halonix Rechargeable Emergency Inverter LED Bulb (9-Watt)

One of the finest in the market, Halonix rechargeable inverter LED bulb is an energy-efficient choice that can light up a medium-sized room for a continuous stretch of four hours, in case of a power cut. The smart technology used in the switches on this 9W bulb can well differentiate between power-cut and technical defaults. It has been designed in such a manner that it can fit almost all the bulb sockets at ease. It just needs to be charged initially charged for for 8-10 hours, and then its 2600m Ah battery is good to go!

2. Syska Inverter SSK-EMB-07-01-B22 7-Watt Rechargeable Emergency Bulb

With a battery backup for 3.5 hours, Syska rechargeable bulb is one of the most reliable products out there. It switches on immediately after a power cut and provides omni-directional illumination with a wide beam angle. The bulb easily fits a regular B22 socket. One of the added advantages is that it can also be carried along as an emergency light for outdoors. Low heating is another feature, which makes it a preferred choice……………Read More>>


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