Re-opening Schools: Parents reluctant to send children to school even in July, hope for ‘ Safe September’

Re-opening Schools: Parents reluctant to send children to school even in July, hope for ‘ Safe September’

Lockdowns are easing. From the strict lockdown restrictions of March to a staggered exit strategy of May, the country is getting ready to ‘live’ with Coronavirus. Many state boards and CBSE are also now preparing to start the wheels of suspended academic activities and conducting the pending board exams. However, there is no end in site of the lockdown for schools and colleges yet but parents are not worried.

For many parents, indeed, the worry is not that the schools may re-open late but rather that they may re-open too soon. Neha, mother of a six year old who never saw his class is not worried about the learning outcomes of her child. For her, its better closed till this ‘menace’ is under control.

“Is my child’s growth getting affected? Probably, but he can learn later. What is important right now is to keep him safe and am just glad that the schools are still closed!” she said. When asked if she would be comfortable to send her child to school in July, she quickly said she isn’t.

“July is far but with present rates I am not sure I would send my son to school, even if it opens in July,” she added. Her sentiments were resonated by others.

Deepti, resident of Gurgaon and the mother of a class 10 student was equally anxious about schools re-opening. “We understand the stress of a board class but if you ask me, I would rather the schools remain closed. The worry about schools is that students are close together and you just have no way of knowing which student is coming from where – schools are just the opposite of social distancing. One year in life lost if better than life lost!” she emphasized.

Nilesh, father of two young kids shared his similar concerns. “We are witnessing unprecedented situations that require unprecedented measures. I personally believe that schools should not be opened in an area until it has been completely clean for 28 days. If there is no case in the complete month of June, maybe then July could be safe. But I don’t see that happening.”

So when should the schools re-open? Parents thought September was the safest bet. “They say India should peak in June. If that is the case, then the cases should be more or less in control by September. Whatever way we look at it, re-opening schools before September should not be allowed!” was Neha’s opinion.

When are schools re-opening?

As of now, there is no confirmation on the re-opening of schools, colleges and other educational institutes. Ministry of Home Affairs has given permission to various state and central boards to conduct the pending Board Examinations and issued guidelines for the same. As for the re-opening of the schools, under the Lockdown 4.0, all schools and colleges continue to be closed till May 31.

In the meanwhile, Delhi and Punjab have announced Summer Vacations in the respective states till end of June. The respective governments have also banned any classes during the summer vacations at the schools. Decision on re-opening the schools after summer vacations has not been taken as yet. More details would be available after the Lockdown 4.0 ends on May 31.


Source:- timesnownews