PUBG Mobile India launch tomorrow? Check trailer and other reports and latest updates

PUBG Mobile India launch tomorrow? Check trailer and other reports and latest updates

Amid all speculation regarding PUBG Mobile India launch, there is a massive claim that has been made! As per the claim, the hugely popular PUBG Mobile India game should launch by tomorrow, i.e. January 19. The report about PUBG Mobile India comeback in the Indian gaming market started doing the rounds after a trailer was launched.

As per Zee News, a trailer has been released talking about a potential launch of PUBG Mobile India. A video has also surfaced on Youtube showing that PUBG Mobile India could launch anytime between January 15 and January 19!

The post of the video about PUBG Mobile India launch said, “The teaser will contain a few of the biggest PUBG Content Creators of India.” In a Twitter post by Maxtern, who describes himself on Twitter as experienced at Casting PUBG, COD, and Free Fire, has pinned a tweet stating that a ‘deadly’ announcement will be made between January 15 to January 19.

Lakhs of PUBG lovers in India are eagerly waiting for the launch of PUBG Mobile India and the speculations over the release of the game will continue until the hugely popular Battle Royale Game is relaunched in India.

On its part, PUBG has kept the pot boiling with several announcements related to PUBG Mobile India every now and then. It is to be noted that several people have been claiming that PUBG Mobile India would launch soon but most of these claims are without any solid proof.

Maxtern claimed that if announcement is false, he will delete his Twitter handle.

With FAU-G all set to hit the Indian markets by January 26, PUBG Mobile India would try to launch the game as soon as possible in India as the makers will lose plenty of ground in the gaming market.

Importantly, fans should know that, before getting their hopes too high, PUBG Corporation and the Government of India are yet to make any official statement on the relaunch of the game in India. The Government had recently revealed in response to an RTI query that access to PUBG in India was not deemed illegal. The Centre’s response, however, does not indicate that a relaunch is on the cards.

Recently, PUBG Mobile Director James Yang had released a video message in which he provided a detailed roadmap about PUBG Mobile Esports plans for this year.