Post Tools Integration Manager

Post Tools Integration Manager

Netflix is building a next-generation studio and attracting the world’s best storytellers.  We need to ensure the post production industry has the tools and infrastructure to successfully support our talent’s artistic intent.  By partnering with hardware and software manufacturers, we can ensure they understand our roadmap and appreciate our vision for the post industry of the future.  Allowing them to better position their products to meet our needs for quality, velocity and scale.

Netflix is looking for a strategic leader to forge the path of partner engagement within the Post Partnerships & Integrations Group. You will oversee the Netflix Production Technology Alliance Program, ensuring that the internal needs of our post production group are being met by external partners.  You will collaborate with internal teams to identify deficiencies in existing tool sets and collaborate with external partners to ensure their products meet our needs.  You will also work closely with Netflix’s internal engineering teams, so that our tools integrate with the broader external ecosystem.  You will build a best in class partner engagement team to execute on your vision.  As a leader in our outreach efforts, you’ll facilitate our engagement in standards groups and industry bodies to ensure their efforts are aligned Netflix’s needs and the needs of manufacturers.  You will study post production trends and look to partner with the best software and tool providers for the most innovative impact to Netflix the post teams. You will also cultivate relationships with technology partners and vendors throughout the globe.


  • Manage a strong team of partner engagement specialists to forge relationships with post partners.
  • Research tools and trends in the post production ecosystem.
  • Collaborate with and curate the needs of Netflix post teams to identify unmet needs.
  • Establish and maintain a strategic plan to engage with tools that can fills gaps in the ecosystem.
  • Create favorable business partnerships with hardware and software manufacturers that enhance Netflix’s ability to bring world class tools to our storytellers.
  • Manage and grow the Netflix Production Technology Alliance Program.
  • Establish a large scale, testing and evaluation program for software and hardware.
  • Engage with the standards bodies so that sufficient standardization and interoperability exists among the industry tools.

Desired Experience:

  • Experience with strategic partnerships.
  • Experience establishing a strategic plan and then managing a team executing that plan.
  • International business experience.
  • Experience negotiating with hardware & software manufacturers.
  • Energetic and versatile in a dynamic work environment.
  • Experience in negotiating/executing non-recurring engineering (NRE) agreements.
  • Understanding of post production industry tools.
  • Experience with data review and analysis.
  • Comfortability with software development process management and user interfaces.
  • Ability to clearly communicate and interact with multi-functional partners.
  • Willingness and aptitude to educate both internally facing and externally facing entities with varying degrees of knowledge in your area of expertise.
  • Experience in global relationship building.
  • Experience with legal partnership agreements.

Extra Credit:

  • MBA or Business degree.
  • Engineering or Post Production operations experience.
  • Membership/experience with industry groups (SMPTE, HPA, NATAS, AMPAS).



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