Over 500 malware detected on Google Chrome; This is how you may have lost your data

Over 500 malware detected on Google Chrome; This is how you may have lost your data

Around 1.7 million users of Google’s browser Chrome around the world may have been affected by over 500 malware. Networking firm CISCO has detected over 500 malware in the form of add-ons on the browser which may have injected malicious adverts and harmed the users’ data, according to a report published in the Daily Express. After Google was informed about the malware, it conducted its own security checkup and removed all the malware in the form of add-ons from its browser. The security researchers of CISCO unearthed 500 add-ons and shared it with the technology blog ZDNet. Malware were present in the form of most popular sites like Dell and Best Buy and phishing pages which may have harmed the users’ information.

What is more significant is the time period since these malware have been active. According to the team which led the research, the malware may have been active for more than two years and some may even have existed on the browser since early 2010 and insidiously stolen the users’ data. Google has been trying to battle the malicious malware and has been successful in weeding out billions of malware but the research shows clearly that the efforts may have fallen short of securing the users’ data in a foolproof manner. Google chrome, which virtually swept the browser market and shut the shops of old explorers like Internet Explorer is currently being taken in use by more than 69 per cent of the desktops in the world.

After Google came into action and got the malware removed remotely, the malware will not affect your data even if it may have got installed by you. Google has also added a ‘malicious’ label on the extension of such malware so that you delete them instantly and do not get them re-activated.


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