Now you can take a fixed amount from gas agency if cylinders not delivered to home

Now you can take a fixed amount from gas agency if cylinders not delivered to home

Gas cylinders are used in almost every home. Apart from this, the government is giving gas cylinders to everyone in the Ujjwala scheme and leaving the stove. However, most people who do not use cylinders will not even know the rules. One such rule is that. If a gas agency does not give you the home delivery of the cylinders, then you have to go to Agency Godown to take a cylinder. In this case, you can take a fixed amount from that gas agency. You will not refuse any gas agency for this.

What is the rule

If you bring the cylinders from the Godown of any agency you have, then you can withdraw the money from the agency for Rs 19 rupees. No agency will refuse to give this amount. Actually, this amount is taken as a delivery charge to you. For all the companies’ cylinders, this amount is fixed. However, this amount has already been increased a month ago. The first delivery charge was Rs 15, now it has been increased to 19 rupees 50 paise.

Refuse to do here. Complaints Any agency operator refuses to give you this amount. You can complain toll free number 18002333555. Currently, 12 subsidized cylinders are given to the customers. After the quota is completed, the cylinders are to be bought at the market rate.

What are the advantages of the customer’s rules

Regulators are free to change if your cylinder’s regulator is leaking, then you can change it from the agency for free. You must have an agency’s subscription voucher for this. You have to take the leak regulator with you and go to the agency. The subscription vouchers and the number of regulators will be mixed. The Regulator will be replaced when both the numbers match. You will not be charged for this.

Even if there is a damaged Regulator, the agency will change it even if your regulator gets damaged for some reason. But, for this, the agency will deposit the amount from you according to the tariff. This amount is up to Rs. 150.

Get stolen new regulator If your regulator if you want a new regulatory agency is stolen will have to enter it you Faiar first police. After submitting the copy of the FIR report, the agency will change the regulator.

The regulator tells you how many survivors are missing if thegasregulator is lost, you can collect the amount of 250 rupees and take your regulator from the agency. Multifunctional regulators have also come to the customer’s convenience now. Regulators in it have told how much gas is left in your tank. The regulator has a life time warranty but the regulator is changed only when the manufacturing process is over. Other charges are charged.

Source:- zeebiz