Life Certificate: Do this job by November 30th, otherwise your pension will stop

Life Certificate: Do this job by November 30th, otherwise your pension will stop

Digital Life Certificate SBI Alert: If you are retired and get a pension from SBI, then get alert. SBI Pensioners have to submit their Life Certificate, which is 30 November 2018. Only then will they be able to get their pension forward. In order to continue with the pension, all pensioners have to submit their life certificate in the bank in November every year.

There is evidence of the survival of the life certificate pensioner. Life Certificate can be digitally deposited by the pensioner in the SBI branch with its pension account or physically or at the nearest SBI branch, CSC or any government office.

Must have to appear before the bank branch with the first pension account
The pensioner who takes the pension from the bank branch, had to appear before the concerned branch as proof of his survival. It was a lot of trouble for the pensioners, especially for poor health pensioners or pensioners who had shifted to another place.

To facilitate the pensioners, the Government launched Life Evidence Feature in November 2014. Since its arrival, now pensioners are not required to deposit the Life Certificate by visiting the same branch of the bank from which their pension comes.

What  is  digital life certificate ?

Life proof is a base based digital life certificate. With the help of life proof, the pensioners now have to go through their nearest bank branch, Common Service Center ie CSC or any government office, to certify biometric authentication through the Aadhaar numbers. Also, you have to give some other pension details related to your pension bank account. The nearest bank branch, CSC or Government Offices can be attached to to get certificates deposited with ‘Locate Center’ option.

Digital Life Certificate can be authenticated only from Aadhaar number, when the pensioner’s account is linked to Aadhaar number.

How to Download  Digital Life  certificate

Following the successful life of Digital Life Certificate, the pensioner gets the SMS on the registered mobile number, which has the transaction ID. Using this ID, the pensioner can download computer-generated life certificate from

How  do you get a digital life  certificate?

For this, registrations can be done through the Life Certification Center run by CSC, Banks and Government Offices. Or downloading client applications can be done on computer, mobile or tablet. Full details of this can be obtained from and from

Life is not valid for whole life

Life certification is not valid for whole life. Its validity period is in accordance with the rules set by the Pension Sanctioning Authority. After the validity period is over, new certificates are required.


Source:- financialexpress