India’s 1st Hyperloop project: Travel between Mumbai and Pune in just 25 mins! Key details of unique project

India’s 1st Hyperloop project: Travel between Mumbai and Pune in just 25 mins! Key details of unique project

India’s first Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop: Here’s some great news for frequent travellers of Mumbai and Pune! In the coming years, commuting between the two cities will become much easier with the new Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop transport project. The cities which are located in the state of Maharashtra, often witness high number of commuters on a regular basis. However, with the Mumbai Pune Hyperloop project, covering the distance between the two cities will come down to just 25 minutes! The state government of Maharashtra has also accorded the infrastructure status to ultra-fast Mumbai Pune Hyperloop transport project.

The Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop will be an ultra modern, new superfast transport project which will be implemented to connect the two cities, located approximately 200 kilometres apart. While speaking to Financial Express Online, Naushad Oomer, Director of Operations, India, Virgin Hyperloop discussed key features and details about the Mumbai Pune Hyperloop project.

Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop – Key Features:

Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop transport system: A Hyperloop is a very high speed transport system having a pod which will be designed as a pressurized vehicle. The pod carrying about 24-28 people at once runs on frictionless path at very high speeds. The Hyperloop is also an on-demand system and gives point-to-point access, directly reaching the destination. It does not stop at stations in between two destinations.

  • Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop route, distance:

-The Hyperloop project will be built in two phases. The first phase will be for 11.5 kilometres which will mostly be to demonstrate and to certify the technology. The top speed has been proposed at 1100 kmph, while the operational speed of the system has been proposed at 360 kmph or 100 metres per second.

– The second phase is the commercial part of the project and will cover the remainder of the route, covering a distance of around 100 km. The total distance of the Mumbai Pune Hyperloop project will be around 120-125 km and once regular operations commence, it will run from BKC in Mumbai to Wakad in Pune.

– These areas of Wakad and BKC also have metro connectivity in the city so that commuters have last-mile connectivity. The Hyperloop will be built mostly along Mumbai-Pune expressway. However in Mumbai, it will be built completely underground.

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  • Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop travel time:
    The project will bring down the travel time between the two cities to just 25 minutes. Presently, it takes 3.5 hours to travel by train between the two cities.
  • Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop system frequency:
    The pods will be controlled by an autonomous software system which will enable them to move very frequently. The frequency of the system is still being decided but tentatively, it has been set as 30 seconds. This means that a convoy, having a total of 6-10 pods will leave at once, but there will not be any physical contact between the pods in one convoy. This enables the system to be of high capacity without putting out any waiting time for commuters.
  • Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop track:
    In the Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop system, the traditional steel track will be replaced with the Maglev (magnetic levitation) track.
  • Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop Project Cost:
    The Hyperloop, which will be running on a pilot basis for a distance of around 11 km in the first phase, will be built at a cost of USD 500 million dollars. The second phase, which is the commercial phase of the system has been estimated at a cost USD 8-9 billion dollars. The construction of the project is likely to start next year, according to Naushad Oomer.
  • Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop Project benefits:
    Besides minimizing the travel time between the cities, the project is also expected to ease severe congestion on the expressway. Also, the number of road accidents, greenhouse gas emissions, are likely to get reduced with this service.



Source:- financialexpress