Google Maps Will Help You To Avoid Traffic Penalties In India: Find Out How?

Google Maps Will Help You To Avoid Traffic Penalties In India: Find Out How?

A lot of us are guilty of speeding on an empty road and ignoring the speed limits set for us.

However, there is a new officer of the law on the roads to keep us in check!

A new update in the google maps application will now award you a traffic challan if the speed of your vehicle exceeds the speed limit for that road.

Not only this, but the feature will also help you avoid a traffic penalty!

Read on to find out all the details about this new update in Google Maps.

Google Maps Introduces New Feature: Speedometer

The new update in Google Maps will warn you when you cross the speed limit on that road.

As per reports, this new feature has been named Speedometer. This feature will alert you if you cross the road limit by changing the color on the display.

This will help us drivers take notice of the speed going overboard and get it under control.

Not only will the new feature help us avoid a traffic challan, but it will also help reduce the risks of meeting with an accident, which is often the case in case of speeding.

How to enable this feature – In your google maps app, go to settings, where you will find the navigation setting. Tap on this setting and scroll down.

Google Maps And Its Features

We have previously reported about Google Maps introducing automatic transliteration that will help users to get a more accurate and intuitive language experience. It will also enable them to make queries in the language that they are comfortable with.

Google has built an ensemble of learned models to transliterate names of Latin script POIs into 10 languages prominent in India, which includes Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Odia.

Additionally, to help you find not only vaccine centers but also other useful information to navigate this problem, many updates have been released by Google to increase authoritative and reliable information about coronavirus. These updates are delivered through its search services, maps, YouTube, and Google Pay.

Street parking and transit fees can now be paid right from the app of Google Maps, as revealed by the company. Google Maps has also said that it will also be adding two mobile parking payment solutions providers, which are Passport and ParkMobile, to its app.