Google Assistant reminders working again with G Suite/Workspace accounts

Google Assistant reminders working again with G Suite/Workspace accounts

Last August, Assistant reminders stopped working for G Suite users, with Google providing additional confirmation later that year. There are now reports of this integration, which allows you to use voice for reminders, working again.

Previously, signing into a paid, enterprise/work account with Google Assistant on your phone and asking to “set a reminder” — or other similarly phrased command — would return a “Sorry, reminders are currently not available for G Suite users” error.

At the time, Google confirmed that it was “no longer supporting the ability for G Suite users to set reminders with the Assistant as we work to improve the experience.”

Over the past day, there are reports of this command working to save reminders on Google Workspace/G Suite accounts. For the vast majority of people, this action has not worked in the past 14 months. The most notable change during that period has been NGA support for those work accounts.

We’ve tested this on a handful of Android phones running both the regular and new Google Assistant, while users also note successful attempts on smart speakers. On mobile devices, it returns a green checkmark and reminders appear on the list (Assistant Settings > Reminders).

As of November 2019, Google said it was still working on this integration. It’s not clear if last week’s Google Workspace rebrand has anything to do with this development, but it’s certainly welcome. Hopefully, the company confirms that it’s officially rolling out.

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