Driving License Test Will Soon Be Taken By Smartphones In India

Driving License Test Will Soon Be Taken By Smartphones In India

Technology is improving day-by-day and researchers are keep on developing new technologies to make things easier for everyone. In the latest development, it has been reported that the driving test will be taken and approved by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India.

Yes, you read that right! Microsoft Research has come up with a smartphone-based driving test system which is capable enough of analyzing driver’s ability through Artificial Intelligence.

According to the report, the system is currently working in the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The company also claims that the system is ready to roll out across the country. Microsoft Research named this system as HAMS which stands for Harnessing AutoMobiles for Safety.

“What if we tell you that your driver’s license test will now be conducted by a smartphone attached to your car’s windshield and without an evaluator present in the vehicle? This is no science fiction. It is already happening at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Dehradun in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, courtesy of a Microsoft Research Project called HAMS,” reads Microsoft’s official website.

According to the report, HAMS utilizes the front and the rear cameras and other sensors of the smartphone to monitor the driver. It also monitors the road scenarios like the distance of the car in front, road signs, and more. Based on all the observation, its advance Artificial Intelligence takes the decision.

“The main challenge in the traditional driver’s license test is the burden placed on the human evaluators and the resulting subjectivity that a candidate faces,” Venkat Padmanabhan, Deputy Managing Director, Microsoft Research India, said.

Padmanabhan started working on the project back in 2016 and it took three years to develop the product. If you are going to take the driving license test today in Dehradun RTO then you will get to witness this new technology placed on the car’s windshield.

Source:- yahoo