Benefits Of Amazon Prime Subscription That You Don’t Know

Benefits Of Amazon Prime Subscription That You Don’t Know

Amazon Prime provides fabulous deals and benefits to its users. Amazon offers lots of advantages with Amazon Prime subscription that most of the people probably don’t know. When you get to know the extra benefits from the Prime subscription, you will opt for an annual subscription. Grab a one month Amazon Prime free trial and try it yourself.

1) Same-day and one-day Shipping
The main reason for most of the users to have an Amazon Prime membership is the free 2-day shipping service. In some cities, Amazon provides its members with free same day and one-day shipping. But to grab this offer, you should follow some of their instructions.

• The zip code of the shipping address must be eligible.
• You need to check out their cut-off time which will be usually noon.
• If you want on the same-day, then every item should be marked for same-day eligible and if you want within one-day, then you should mark for one-day eligible.

2) Sharing Amazon Prime membership
You can share Amazon Prime with your family. Five members of the family are eligible to use Amazon Prime benefits without direct access. The main stipulation of Amazon Prime is that all the members must reside in the same address. In other words, the actual members of the family can share the Amazon Prime membership.

3) Unlimited Music Streaming (Prime Music)
Amazon Prime provides a lot of entertainment in Prime Music. Amazon offers a library of more than 1 million albums and songs that can be used by the Prime member at the free of cost. Prime Music offers free skips with no ads. You can create your playlist in your Prime Music.

4) Free Photo Storage(Amazon Photos)
Every Amazon users get a free data shortage along the Amazon Drive which includes photos, documents, videos, music, files, and many more. With an Amazon Prime membership, you get a free photo file shortage in the Amazon Photos program. Prime photos can be used only for personal purposes.

5) Unlimited Video Streaming (Prime Video)
Prime Video provides all types of Prime movies which include old classics to recent hits and worth watching TV shows. Prime Video also offers ‘add-on channels’ for the members, in which they are interested like HBO, BritBox, Showtime, Anime Strike, STARZ, Broadway HD, and many more.

6) Unlimited Twitch Turbo (Twitch Prime)
If you love playing video games, then you would know about Twitch. Twitch Prime is the platform to watch game tournaments and various such events. The unique benefit of Twitch Prime is to download the commercial games at a free of cost every month.

Amazon Prime offers free grocery deliveries called Prime Pantry in which all the special household groceries and essentials are available. It will be delivered within 3-4 working days. The experience is too good that you will never visit the local grocery shop. Amazon Prime also provides e-books for rent at a free of cost who own Kindle Fire tablets or Kindle e-readers.

Thus, Amazon Prime is the best for the online subscription that provides so much goodness at an affordable price. If you still not subscribed to Amazon Prime, then grab the free trial for 30 days and check out for yourself. You are going to love it.

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