All About UAN Number and EPF Number

All About UAN Number and EPF Number

There are a lot of questions about the UAN number and EPF number. People want to know the full forms of these numbers. They may be searching for their new UAN number. They may have forgotten the UAN  or EPF number and now want to recover it. In this post, I would try to answer all of your questions related to these numbers.

Full Form of  the UAN

The Full Form of the UAN is Universal Account Number. It is made of 12 digits. you can see my UAN number below. I have hidden the last 4 digits.

What is UAN Number? Why is it Given?

Every person Who becomes the member of EPF scheme gets this number. The UAN number is similar to the PAN number. As PAN is given to every taxpayer and It does not change in the lifetime. Similarly, UAN is given to a person and it remains the same throughout the life. As PAN is required for every tax purpose, The UAN is also required for all the EPF related tasks. Without the UAN, It becomes difficult to deal with the EPFO. The EPFO held all of your records on the basis of UAN. It recognises you on the basis of UAN.

What is the EPF Number and Why is it Still Required?

The EPF number is given to every employee when he/she joins EPF membership in a new a new organisation. This is not a universal number and changes when you change the employer. In fact, the initial digits of this number are code for the employer. By using the EPF Number the EPFO can know your establishment and the regional PF office. In future, the EPFO can do away with this number as in the age of digitisation the EPF number would lose its relevance.

EPF Number Format

The EPF Number of an Employee Contains the following details in the coded form. I have used my EPF number to tell you the format.

  1. State
  2. Related Regional EPF office
  3. Employer or Company
  4. Division of a company
  5. PF Number from That Company

EPF Number Format

How To Get UAN and EPF Number

How Would I Know My New EPF Number and UAN Number?

 Ideally, your employer should tell you the newly allotted UAN Number and EPF number. These numbers are allotted as your company makes you part of the EPF scheme and makes first EPF contribution.

Often employers publish both of these numbers in the Salary slip. So, you can also get it from there.

You can also ask these number from the HR department. They should tell it readily.

You can also find out your UAN number Online. The EPFO has given this facility on its EPF member portal. In the EPF Member Portal, you would find a link to ‘ Know your UAN Status‘. After Tapping on this link, you reach to a small form. In the form, you have to give Basic KYC information. You can give any of the following details to find out the UAN.

  1. EPF Number
  2. Aadhaar
  3. PAN

Once you find out the UAN, use the UAN member portal to log in. After the login at UAN portal, you would be able to find out the EPF number in the service history section. It is given under the ‘View’ Menu. The same method can be also used for the Forgotten EPF number.

How To Find Out the Forgotten UAN

There are two ways to find out the forgotten UAN. You can use any of them.

  1. Make a missed call to check EPF balance. You would get the EPF account balance details along with the UAN number. Note, this method works only if you call using your registered mobile number.
  2. You can use the ‘ Know your UAN Statuss method described above. You would receive an SMS telling your UAN.

How To Find Out Old EPF Number

There are many EPF member who can’t trace their old EPF number as UAN was not allotted at that time. These EPF numbers were active before 2014. To trace such Forgotten EPF numbers, the EPFO had a service. It is called the ‘inoperative account helpdesk’.

In this service, you can give the details of your EPF account as much as possible. Using these details, the EPFO would try to find out your number. However, this service is very slow and you can expect more than a week to get the old EPF number. You can know more about the Inoperative Account Helpdesk.

How To Keep Same UAN in Different Employment

Nowadays, this process has become very easy. When you join a new job, the employer asks Aadhaar Number to allot the UAN. As your Aadhaar number is submitted, the system would produce your existing UAN. Thus, your existing UAN would be used for the EPF account of the new job.

The problem of Two UAN Numbers

It is also a common problem. Often an employee gets two UAN number from different employers. Because of the multiple UAN numbers, the EPF transfer becomes difficult.  You should have one UAN for the online EPF transfer. So, you should get rid of more than one UAN. There are 2 ways to deal with the multiple UAN problem.

  1. You can resolve the problem of multiple UAN by writing to the EPFO UAN helpdesk. The EMail ID is
  2. You should use the online EPF transfer method through the EPF member portal. Use recent UAN for the login. Apply for EPF transfer using ‘ One member One Account’ Service. Give details of previous employment and let your application approved by the previous employer.  When the system detects 2 UAN, it would automatically deactivate the older UAN while transferring the EPF balance to new UAN.

Often people want to know the EPF balance without UAN. But as of now, it is not possible. Thus UAN number has become the most important thing of the EPF scheme.

Source:- planmoneytax