6 Easy Steps to Withdraw EPF Online Through UAN

6 Easy Steps to Withdraw EPF Online Through UAN

Finally! You can withdraw PF online. After a long wait, EPFO has activated the online EPF withdrawal form. You can get the full EPF balance, part EPF advance and pension benefit through the online mode. This facility is available through the UAN member portal. Every EPF member can access UAN portal using his/her UAN number and password.

With the Online PF withdrawal, You don’t need to go to employer or EPFO regional office. You don’t need a signature of the employer. You have not to bear the tantrums of HR department or PF officer. There would not be any manual intervention. Your online PF withdrawal form would be processed digitally. However, you have to fulfill certain conditions to avail this benefit.

Ease of Online EPF Withdrawal Form

EPF withdrawal has never been easy. It used to take a long time. Sometimes EPF withdrawal may take more than one month. It was dependent upon the efficiency of the employer and regional PF office. Sometimes, employer deliberately delay or hold the withdrawal application. Even some employer arm-twist employees by holding the application.

There used to be many error in member details. It proved a big hurdle for easy PF withdrawal. However, UAN and Aadhaar tango is changing the whole experience. Once, Aadhaar gets linked to the UAN number, there is no need of authentication by the employer. The employee can directly communicate with the EPFO. These are the benefits of online PF withdrawal.


  1. Member can withdraw money from EPF account by sitting at home. There is no need to visit employer or PF office. Just fill the EPF withdrawal form online.
  2. There would not be any intervention by employer or regional PF officer.
  3. The whole EPF withdrawal process would be automatic based on set conditions.
  4. It would take only few hours to withdraw EPF online.
  5. The online process does not require any supporting documents. Your declaration is enough. This rule is also applicable for part withdrawal during the service.

Type of PF claims for online withdrawal

The online PF withdrawal facility is applicable for all types of withdrawal.

  • Final settlement after leaving the service
  • Part withdrawal during the service
  • Pension after the superannuation.

With these three claims all the PF claims are online. Now, you can get EPF money without submitting a form or physical document. The same is also true for EPF transfer. The EPF transfer facility has become online since 2014. Henceforth, you have to go to employer only for the correction in PF member details, if there is a mistake. However, EPFO is now using Aadhaar database to enroll the new EPF member. It would minimize the error in name or date of birth.

Eligibility for EPF and Pension withdrawal

You would agree that online EPF withdrawal has removed all the hassles. However, everyone may not find it useful. Because, to use the PF withdrawal form online, you have to meet some condition.

  1. You must activate the UAN number. In fact, UAN activation is necessary for all the EPF services.
  2. Mobile number registered during UAN activation should be active as authentication is done through that very number.
  3. The Aadhaar number should be linked to UAN. You can do it during the PF membership enrollment or further through the employer. You can even submit your Aadhaar number through the UAN member portal.
  4. Your bank account details and IFSC code should be present in EPFO database. The withdrawal amount would go into the given account.
  5. The PAN is also necessary, if you are withdrawing EPF balance before completing 5 years in service.

along with these condition, you should be also eligible for final EPF settlement. Following are the eligibility criteria for EPF withdrawals.

Eligibility For EPF settlement

  1. Date of Joining and Date of Exit of Member should be available in the EPFO Database. The employer submits this data.
  2. Member should not be working presently under any establishment cover-able under PF Act. It means you would be eligible for EPF withdrawal if you are working in a government organisation or self employed.
  3. You can apply for PF withdrawal only after two months of leaving the service.

Extra Eligibility condition for Pension Benefit

You get pension or pension benefit along with the final settlement of the EPF dues. But, you would get the pension amount only if you fulfill following conditions.

  • You should have given the service at least for 6 months.
  • Pension benefit would be available if you have not completed 9.5 years as EPF member. After this term, you would only get the pension after the age of 50.

Eligibility for Part Withdrawal

You can withdraw PF balance during the service as well. This part withdrawal is permitted if you are in dire need. The EPFO has specified the reasons for part withdrawal. Earlier, you have to prove your need for this withdrawal. However, now your declaration is sufficient. You don’t require any attachment for partial EPF withdrawal.

Steps to Online PF withdrawal

Online EPF withdrawal is quite easy. It is just like the net banking. You have to go through these steps to fill the PF withdrawal form online.

Step 1

Visit the UAN member portal. This portal is useful for UAN related services.

Online PF Withdrawal

Step 2

Login using your UAN and password. If forgot the password, you can reset it. An OTP is sent to your mobile number for authentication.

Step 3

Check that KYC status as Aadhaar should be approved and linked to your UAN. To check the KYC status go through the Manage—-> KYC. You give consent to UIDAI to share your credentials with the EPFO. This authentication procedure has ended the approval by the employer.

Step 4

In the UAN dashboard, head to the link ‘Online services‘. This dashboard gives you some more services as well. such as you can submit your KYC details and change nomination. You can also download UAN card and view the service history.

EPF claim withdrawal online

Step 5

Click at ‘Claim (Form-31, 19 and 10C)’.

Step 6

Now you have to authenticate the Aadhaar. You would get an OTP to the mobile number which is registered with Aadhaar. After submitting the OTP, you would be able to fill the EPF withdrawal claim form.

Once you submit the form, you would get a claim confirmation copy in PDF format. Keep it with you.

Points to Note

  • You can’t get the EPF balance amount into other than the registered bank account. If the registered Bank account is closed, you have to first change the bank account number before the withdrawal application. You can change bank account number through the employer.
  • Your Aadhaar registered mobile number should be active as authentication is done through that number.
  • Your EPF database details should match with the Aadhaar database. If there is any anomaly, the online EPF withdrawal would not succeed. You have to go through the old offline method in such situation.

To check the status of your EPF withdrawal online, you have to again visit the UAN member portal. You would find the link to check claim status under the menu ‘online services’. You don’t need to give any details for the status check. It would tell you the status immediately.

In this post, I have told you the latest method to withdraw EPF online. You can also learn the ways to check your EPF balance online. It gives you a fair idea of your retirement corpus. In fact,  there are online facilities of almost every EPF service. You can avail this benefit by activating your UAN.

Source:- planmoneytax