10 Best Sites to Receive SMS Online Without Using Real Phone Number

10 Best Sites to Receive SMS Online Without Using Real Phone Number

On the internet, many services and web apps rely on phone numbers for verification. For example, while creating a new Google account, you will be asked to enter your phone number for verification.

This thing is done to confirm the identity and to stop the spread of fake accounts. Not only Google, but almost every web service and sites require a phone number for verification.

However, many users don’t want to put their personal numbers on any online site. This is because few companies sell your phone number to telemarketing companies to promote products and services. It also leads to various privacy issues.

So, if you are someone who cares for privacy, it’s best to avoid entering a personal contact number on any online website. You can use free online SMS websites to receive SMS without any real phone number. When you sign up with these services, you will be provided a virtual phone number that can be used for account verification.

List of 10 Best Sites to Receive SMS Online

So, in this article, we will list down some of the best websites to receive SMS online without any real phone number. Let’s check out the websites.

1. Sellaite SMS

Well, Sellaite SMS is one of the leading virtual phone number websites that you can use today. The site has been around for several years now, and it offers you three different numbers from Estonia.

The site’s user interface looks a bit outdated, but it still works today. You don’t need to sign up with the website to use its phone number.

2. FreePhoneNum.com

FreePhoneNum is another best website on the list which provides you a disposable number. Disposable numbers provided by the websites forward the calls or text to the user’s private number.

You can send up to 5 messages to any US/Canada phone number with the free account. Also, there’s a free voice call service that you can use.

3. MobileSMS.io

MobileSMS.io is one of the good-looking disposable phone number websites that you can visit today. The site offers phone numbers that are only active for 10 minutes. Within the 10-minute time frame, the phone number can receive SMS.

The site is good for receiving SMS verification codes online. The number that the site offers can be used to verify Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other social networking accounts.

4. Receive-SMS.com

Well, Receive-SMS.com is another best site to receive SMS online. The great thing about Receive-SMS.com is that it offers you 5 different numbers to receive messages.

The numbers were completely free to use, but there’s a problem. The phone number doesn’t work with popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also, sometimes it shows 403 errors while opening the inbox…Read more>>