– Digital Marketer (1-10 yrs) – Digital Marketer (1-10 yrs)

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Your role is to drive & grow inbound, targeted & engaged audience to from the web.

Apply if,

If you believe that you have the analytical skills of a mathematician and empathy of an artist.

If you have the know-how to drive a gazillion views to a page in few hours and still don’t call your self a “Growth Hacker”.

If you understand the basics of digital content marketing so well that you’ll never say “Let’s buy Google ads”.

If you never never mention “Let’s get a stall at tech-cruch or any other stall anywhere”.

If you understand B2B digital content marketing as good as B2C.

If you are more for Curation than for Creation of content in 2016.

If you understand how distribution of content on internet works.

If you believe in the power on content marketing & have the essential background.

If you have never uttered the words “Let’s make a viral video!” Instead you think “Give me any video – i’ll make it damn viral”.

If you like your coffee hot and the leads hotter!!

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The studio is located in the beautiful surroundings in Koregaon Park, Pune.

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